Working Principle of Astrology

Behind every scientific law or theory or formula, there inevitably has to be some strong basis or working principle.

Astrology is called “the science of all sciences”. There definitely has to be some great theory or some universal logic behind such a divine scientific setup.

After 20 years of my experience and research, I have concluded that “There are events in the time domain that are FIXED”. “They are ALREADY THERE”.

If that was not true, then this science could not have existed even for a single day !

What does it really mean? Every event in an individual’s life is fixed ! I am not sure. All I have formulated is that definitely there are events that are fixed and only then there exists the possibility and opportunity to predict or interprete them well in advance.

On the contrary, is there free will which allows to change the future course of events ? I am not sure. In this whole time domain which seems equivalent to an endless dream, who knows if what we think of as free will might actually be the instrument in causing the future fixed event ! For me, free will is a conscious belief to live this life with complete faith and enthusiasm that I am causing my actions for a purpose, and nothing more.

For the time being, to dive into this vast ocean of jyotish or hindu astrology, you need to remember that “EVENTS ARE FIXED” and it is possible to predict or interprete them with constant study, observation and research.

And I will guide you through these topics and one day you shall be able to create the possibility to interprete these FIXED EVENTS for real and get mesmerised by this amazing science.