Basic Concept of Vedic Astrology

Maharishi Parashar is said to be the father of Indian Astrology or Vedic Astrology.

The ancient rishis had gained a thorough knowledge of this science of all sciences through constant observation and experiments.

They observed that the planets represent every trait, quality, character, thing, idea etc. to whatever field it may relate, to physical universe or to the emotions of human beings or intellectual manifestations and could clearly see a strong connection.

Any person, thing or idea that is born in this universe, is born along with the qualities, good bad or indifferent, of the nature as it existed at that moment of time.

In simple terms, Astrology is a divine science of logical enquiry into an individual’s life, from birth to death, based on the possible relative positionings of 9 planets in 12 signs, 27 nakshatras and 12 houses.